Saturday, January 11, 2014

State Of Captions : Posting Status

Well Guys , I'm posting this post to clear one thing out of the table , I'm currently not able to make captions for many reasons at this moments , of course it's not all because the lack of views and comment I have on this blog (because it seems that since I kinda stopped posting my views have dropped a lot), so don't feel bad about it , it's because I'm busy over my head with things , and I don't even have time to make even one caption , so you all have to wait , I will still post but not on a daily basis...


  1. Your well-being comes before anything else Amel, I hope things are sorted out for you soon. I know what its like to have not many views or comments no my work as well. So don't sweat it. Take care.

  2. You know what a great captioner deserve to get some credit I get it I hope people will understand you and comment more


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