Thursday, October 31, 2013

State Of Captions: What Really Happened

Well, I guess karma really comes back around.
I think as punishment for my cruel joke on you (I'm really sorry) , I'm sorry for the lack of posts these few days , but it has an explanation ; a gang stole some internet cables from the ground thus cutting the connestion for the whole city , preventing me from posting , the internet shutdown lasted a few days , but now it's back , Ill be back with more captions soon , so keep your hopes up.
and I will leave you with this song expressing how mush sorry I am.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's a PRANK people

Well I guess you fell for it you really thought that I would kill myself over a PC , wow people , but that showed how much you love me and I appreciate it.
So here's the REAL story , I this week celebrated two stuffs first it's Aid Aladha or the big Aid in all the muslims country (read the article to know more) and I was occupied for two days and the secong one is that I bought a NEW PC yay me , yes people I bought one and I'm very happy to have it as for why it took me so long is that I was very sick lately and that this was the only free time that I have , I'm still sick but expect a caption or two tommorow , hope you're not angry at me I just wanted to have fun with you wish you well

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Celebrating me going over 100000 views , I did my first comic hope you like it.
Visit my Pages:
October Caption Contest: "Here"
Swap My Head: "Here"
Request Page: "Here"


Who's Your Daddy



Biggest In The World


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Invasion (WWE Vs. TNA) Pt.3

Pt.1 "Here"
Pt.2 "Here"
Pt.4 "Here"
Celeb Swap Blog "Here"

Invasion (WWE Vs. TNA) Pt.2

Pt.1 "Here"
Pt.3 "Here"
Pt.4 "Here"
Pt.5 "Here"
Celeb Swap Blog "Here"
Pt.4 "Here"

You Didn't Know!!!

Loosing Weight

Orgasm Slave

Lucky Rabbit

A request from Anonymous
Part 2
And as for the Caption Contest It's still going be in it maybe you'll win.
And the Request Page is still there for you along with my special gift to you Swap My Head


Fell In Love Again

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Invasion (WWE Vs. TNA)

Hey everyone I have a deal with Celeb Swap Blog we agreed on doing this idea that I suggested :
Some WWE divas swap with TNA Knockouts and have to keep it secret and work for the other company.
And Celeb Swap Started the first Part
Vickie Guerrero And Brooke Tessmacher
Hope you like the story me being a WWE fan and Celeb Swap being a TNA fan we're looking Forward to this
Pt.2 "Here"
Pt.3 "Here"
Pt.4 "Here"
Pt.5 "Here"

Throw It Away

What should he do...

True Love Lasts

The Girl Of His Dreams

The Blond And The Goth

Junk In The Trunk

I Still Can Kick Your Ass

Half Exchanger

How To Walk

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