Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hey guys what's going on...
This next cap Exchange is with Ashleigh B from AshleighB's OMG I'm A Girl Blog.

"Hey Jodie!  How are you enjoying Algeria?"

"Oh Amel, you were right...your people are going through so much over here.  It's so disheartening to see that people can live in such poverty every day.  I absolutely want to help out as much as I can!"

"This is such good news my friend, it makes me so happy.  How are you liking being me?"

"Can't complain!  Your boyfriend is such a sweetheart and don't worry, we didn't have sex haha.  I'm ready to swap back now though...how do we do this?"

"Well see that's the thing, I have had such a wonderful time as you in your American lifestyle that I'm not yet ready to go back to my life there."

"Oh uh...okay?  How much longer were you thinking we stay like this?"

"No idea hun, I have made friends with your friends here and I'm very excited to be meeting Brad tonight for a date and---"

"What!  You're going out with my super mega crush Brad?  Amel come on, that's not fair I want to swap back!"

"Sorry friend, maybe next week.  It is late here, I need to go to bed - kisses bitch!"

Friday, February 14, 2014

Caption Contest Winner

First, Happy St. Valentains Day people...
And now the winner of The January Caption Contest Is......
                              A Tight Spot...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back Door Deals

Head Swap By Me
Caption By Teh Switchers
This is the Cap Exchange that I prommised you I will do with Teh Switchers Captions , and since I'm off the captioning for a while I did this head swap and asked to be captioned , so here's the end result...
Original Post "Here"

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Caption Contest's Entries

Hey guys , glad to be back again , Just to put things straight , I won’t do another caption contest soon I think you guys know why , I see that in my old poll , you actually wanted to see the continuation of Beiber Fever I’ll see what I can do with that , and don’t forget to also put your ideas on one of my stories called “Kidnapped” and where should it go next ?(you can see a link to it in the menu bar)
Also I’m currently planning on doing a kind of Cap Exchange like the one I did with Celeb Swap long time ago , it’s with Tehswitcher and Bunny Girl TG Captions.
P.s. If you’re also interested to do a Cap Exchange with me send me an E-mail to Amel1995Annaba@gmail.com
Also follow me on Twitter where you will find my daily update about ME ‘lol’
With that being said this is the time to show you my contest’s entries and you can choose the winner as usual through a poll.
1-MadSwapper----MadSwapper's Blog

2-Celeb Swap----Celeb Swap's Blog
4-A Tight Spot----A Tight Spot's Blog
The Winner will be announced on St. Valentine's Day...
So Let your voice be heard choose the best...
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