Saturday, October 12, 2013

Swap My Head

Hey Guys its Amel again with a new proposal.
To thank you all about the 100000 views I'll do this
How about that you send me pictures of you or anyone you want, and I head swap them with another picture you send me too and you choose if I post it on my blog or Just E-mail them back to you for your own enjoyment.
All the head swaps (If you want it) are secret it’s just between you and me, and I will delete the pictures you send me when I’m done manipulating them.
So do it , look what your head would look on someone else’s body , or what a celebrity would look on your body , or what celebrity would look on another celebrity’s body you’re the judge on that.
P.s. I noticed that among the requests I get for captions are head swaps and they ask that I do them myself , so to make it clear , my whole data base of pictures that I use doesn’t contain pictures of men so it’s hard to do a head swap with no head


  1. How can i sent you Pictures per email?

    1. You can by sending me an email and uploading the picture in the email

    2. where do i find your email adress?


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