Monday, December 30, 2013

Amel1995 Captions: December Caption Contest Entries

Amel1995 Captions: December Caption Contest Entries: People there still 2 days till the end of this poll and the race is very close so don't forget to vote for your favourite entry , and speaking about contests , I won the Celeb Swap caption contest and he didn't posted anything that say so , so if you're reading this please can you do something about it...

Black And Yellow Animated Remix

This is an animated version of a caption I did 4 months ago and I decided that I should do an animated version of it , here is the original one "Here"

Kaitlyn Lee Vs. A.J.lyn

More of the face swap between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn...


Request By Daniel...
Can you please do a great shift caption involving a guy and his girl best friend who both have a crush on each other, then they are effected by the great shift and are swapped into two black woman which gives them the confidence to become a lesbian couple?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Amel1995 Captions: December Caption Contest Entries Reminder

Amel1995 Captions: December Caption Contest Entries: So don't forget to vote on your favourite caption to win the contest


Kardashians to Jenners

When I did this face swap I was looking for a differance between the two girls , but they look like twins...

I'm I Doing Somthing Wrong

Believe Me

Mother Daughter Bodyswap

This is my request to TG Captioneer

Friday, December 27, 2013

Kidnapped Pt.1

To Be Continued...
I guess I'll keep this story going , what do you think , if you like it please comment where this thing should go...
Part. 2"Here"

I Hate Being Scarlett Pt.2

This is part 2...
Part 1 "Here"

Not That Fun Anymore

Just something quick...

Kaitlyn Lee

As a request from a fellow wrestling fan this is a face swap between AJ Lee and Kaitlyn

December Caption Contest Entries

Hello People , so this are the entries for the dercember caption contest as always the winner will be chosen through a poll and the participants are:


3-Diva Papi

The Results will be on 01/01/2014
And may the best wins...

Blond Aliens

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Caption Contest Over + A TG Critic? + Happy Holidays

First of all I like to show you guys a pic that I submitted on this funny wrestling related site (Pic).
And second of all today is the end of the entries submission  for my caption contest , I guess you people forgot about it since I only got 3!!! , but it's fine.
And one more thing there is this guy who sais he's going to open a blog to critic all the TG blogs captions , I think it's a good idea , what do you think ?
Oh and I almost forgot , It's maybe late since I don't celebrate Christmas , but Marry Christmas everyone!!!

Little Party

Good Feeling

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Total Control

Face Swap done by me
Request By Anonymous...
Can you do a head swap cap with Kris Kardashian wanting youth so she swaps her body with a bikinni of Kim or Bikinni of Kylie Jenner?


Jingle Balls

Request to demisword

Jerking Off

Request By Anonymous...
A Boy swaps bodies with Jenna Jameson while she is filming a movie during the great shift.

Arm Candy

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