Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Request Page

As some of you might know I didn't do requests for a long time and my old request page is a mess so I'm doing a new one you can put your requests here and here are the rules:

1-Give me the outline of the story.

2-Give me The Category Of the Story (The Great Shift, The Role Exchanger, ect...)

3-Give me A link to the picture you want the captions to be with(Optional)

Requests are in the Comment Section Below...


  1. Can you do a Sequel to Lucky Rabbit.

  2. How 'bout this:
    Smart/Nerdy college student gets transformed into a beautiful (not so bright) girl
    Role Exchanger or some sort of magic? Thanks!

  3. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner get swapped possesd by two horny 14 year old boys using a medallion. (Jenners are the sisters of the Kardashian they are really good looking!)

  4. A guy named Tayler turning into a girl by his girlfriend and is shocked to find out that she is a lesbian as she grabs him from behind.

  5. Two Boys (around 12) transform or swap trough wish or Magic remote into
    Deanna Troi and Seven of Nine.

  6. Can you do a head swap cap with Kris Kardashian wanting youth so she swaps her body with a bikinni of Kim or Bikinni of Kylie Jenner?


  7. Guy gets cursed. Whenever he goes out for a jog he turns into a woman.

    1. sorry man , there is no picture in this link

  8. Two guys swap bodies (great shift) with mother and daughter, the guys in ther bodies start doing porn lesbian videos to make money, so the mother and daughter see it and feel pretty bad and humiliated

  9. A guy name Tayler turning into his crush next door by the medallion of zulo being caught off by the transformation and clothing change. Then stares off at he house wondering if she had changed into him as well
    Medallion of Zulo

    and one of Tayler turning into a girl with big breasts that are hurting his back and wonders if the new feelings are worth the pain and then his new sex drive causes him to forget about it and he wants to go and find a man to test out his new equipment

  10. A Boy swaps bodies with Jenna Jameson while she is filming a movie during the great shift.

  11. A teenage boy uses a possession spell and accidently possess his Milf of a mother, but since the spell lasts 5 hours he gets "well acquainted with his borrowed body

  12. A Young Boy transforms into Victoria Silvstedt through a wish

  13. Can you do a caption where a teen guy like me name is alfonso gets a female's celebrities body through the great shift and I decide to play with my new body or I decide to try and do their jobs. I would like to swap with either Victoria Justice or Alyson Hannigan and if the caption could be an animation caption I would like that, but it doesn't have to be an animation caption thanks for listening.

  14. Can you please do a great shift caption involving a guy and his girl best friend who both have a crush on each other, then they are effected by the great shift and are swapped into two black woman which gives them the confidence to become a lesbian couple?

  15. Hi, I wonder if you can make a caption for me, I would realy enjoy it :-)
    It's about a guy (Alexis) who wish to be close to his secret crush (Oriane). But instead of becoming her boyfriend he suddently find himself in Oriane body. Now he have to deal with his mistake and live the life of the girl he loved in secret.
    I hope you like the idea

    Link to the picture:

  16. Category: F2f Role Exchanger
    Simple story. Ugly fat girl suddenly get traits from different girls: face from one girl, legs from another etc.

  17. Hello! Could you please make a F2F caption with this gif? Thanks a lot in advance!


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