Thursday, December 26, 2013

Caption Contest Over + A TG Critic? + Happy Holidays

First of all I like to show you guys a pic that I submitted on this funny wrestling related site (Pic).
And second of all today is the end of the entries submission  for my caption contest , I guess you people forgot about it since I only got 3!!! , but it's fine.
And one more thing there is this guy who sais he's going to open a blog to critic all the TG blogs captions , I think it's a good idea , what do you think ?
Oh and I almost forgot , It's maybe late since I don't celebrate Christmas , but Marry Christmas everyone!!!


  1. A critic's blog is fine, as along as all he does isn't say that everyone's work is crap!!

  2. I think the idea of a "critic's blog" would be interesting, unless, as MadSwapper wrote, "as long as he doesn't say everyone's work is crap." Everyone should be able to take constructive criticism---well maybe not everyone. Done well, however, it could perhaps point out areas where a blog may have room for improvement here or there. And are you going to be publishing the entries that you did get for your contest?


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