Friday, February 27, 2015

We Win?

Well I just got the news from Blogger that they changed their policy and that this blog can stay if I tag my blog and the posts that contains nudity, boys and girls the scare is over, w have put the Google giants down we can continue what we do without Blogger stoping us (I Hope) we just have to mark our blogs as having adult content and we're good.

And I quote:

"We've had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities," Jessica Pelegio, social product support manager, wrote on Google's Product forums.

"So rather than implement this change, we've decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn," she added.

Blogger users who post explicit content will still be required to mark their pages "adult" so they will be placed behind a warning page, however no additional changes will need to be made to their blogs.

Also I'm closing on 2 Milion Views pretty fast so let's keep this going guys, after hearing this news I'm feeling really good I have a ton of Head Swaps coming and more caps to go, HAVE FUN!                                     -Amel1995

Also to see what i mean I saw this articles on the internet if you want to check them out...






Sorry for not doing more captions for a while because first of all I'm not really in the mood when hearing tht what happened to me in DeviantArt is now chasing me here too, and also I'm still looking for somewhere to move my blog if I get banned or my content gets deleated or become private, I've seen some of you guys already started following my blog and that's good if my blog gets private.

As for where I'm going, I looked at Wordpress and it seems good to me to move to, but I'm still taking ideas on where I should go, So let's hope for the best...                       -Amel1995...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Rules...What?!

I don't think if you noticed on other blogs or not but Blogger for some reason will stop any nudity from going on blogs.

For me I don't use nudity as much in my blog and the only nude pictures I used are old captions or Head Swaps that I did a long time ago, and I will gladly take them down if Blogger wants them down, I don't know if Blogger will ban any sort of Captions that might go under the sexual guidelines, I don't know If Blogger will do what Deviant Art have done to me before and delete all of my work and ban my account, I don't know if I should Stop captioning, take another long break, or find a new home but the only answer will come in March 23rd.

I don't know why this sort of guidelines were made, I thought the Internet was a free space to express yourself but I guess I was wrong as it shows that it is ruled by people who claim they defend the right to free speech but on the other hand do moves like this that stop other peoples right of free speech.

I came here to have my own blog as an advice from other captioners that this was a good and safe place to stay in my own little corner of the internet, it was hard growing a fan base in Deviant art and then loosing it with no way of being able to tell them what happened or where Ive gone and with that I lost a lot of views and followers, but I moved to Blogger and started from the bottom and now as I move closer to 2 Million views after hitting 1 Million just a month ago I'm afraid that the same thing will happen again, so I made this note in advance.

To end this long post, in general, if Blogger let me stay I will stay, and if they force me to leave I'll post on this blog or my Twitter (@AmelAnnaba) where my next step will be, I don't know any other sites that I can go to but I'll find something, and I guess this is it, have a nice Day...                 Amel1995

Friday, February 6, 2015

Win Or Bust

I was planning on doing like 4 or 5 captions today but while doing this one it took a lot of time to finish mainly because Photoshop didn't want to export this picture as an animated .gif file and it took me a lot of time to figure out what happened I got pissed off and was out of the writing mood, sorry but I promise I'll bring more Captions...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Make Me Go Back

Hi Guys...
Sorry for the lack of update this past week I'll just blame it on life, but I tried to do something to post today, here it is and there will be a lot more to come              


Just Chillin'

Just a quick Head Swap I did Today...
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