Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hey guys I wanted to post this to address your suggestions in the previous post.

Martha said.
-I don't think anything is wrong. Your photomanipulations are always nice.

-It's true I've come a long way since I was before and my manipulation is better, but what started this blog and previously my Deviantart page is captions and I want to focus on that more, and also Thank you.

Vivian Malordy Said.
-I see it as this way with my blog: You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

-First of all big fan of our blog, you were the one to introduce me to The Role Exchanger idea and yes I can't please everyone but I want to, I try to write in many different topics but everyone has the right to like it or not.

Anonymous Said.
-Since even this post was downvoted, I'd say you're dealing with a troll. I wouldn't worry about it, he just likes being a jerk, and probably doesn't have any relevant criticisms. Just ignore that guy.
That said, there's always room for improvement. I'm guessing English is not your first language, as your syntax is sometimes a bit weird. You should try reading more English content, and ask your readers to help you correct any mistakes you make. You could also run polls to see what kind of captions your readers prefer.

-Yes English isn't my first language it's actually my 4th language so knowing 3 other languages other than English can really mix up my mind since I already know Arabic French and 2 local languages in my country.
I read English content, but lately I stopped since I think reading other caption would make me copy their work or use images they used and I don't want to do that because I don't want someone reading  a caption in another blog and then coming to mine and find the same thing.

Anonymous Said.
There's nothing wrong with your work!!

-Thank you.

Anonymous Said.
Your work is awesome,don't worry ! Like Vivian says: you can't please all of the people all of the time,but this time I think that is a troll (sorry my bad English) THANK YOU AMEL for your captions ;DDDD

-bad English, you and me both buddy lol.

Anonymous Said.
I like your work, but I've got one suggestion and one gripe. For the suggestion, you use a lot of the same stars over and over. (ie. Selena Gomez) I'd like to see something fresh. Now for the gripe. PLEASE don't take this the wrong way but the captions would be much more effective if you do a little grammar checking. The biggest problem is run-on sentences. Keep your chin up, like I said I'm not trying to be mean or expecting things to be perfect. I'm just offering criticism when asked.

-This is the kind of criticism I was looking for and to answer your questions.
-I use the same stars because I don't have that much knowledge about pop-culture to know a lot about a variety of celebrities so I write on those who I know to avoid writing something wrong because both main thing I focus on ion my captions is the backstory.
-I use Selena Gomez's a lot because I love her, I've seen a lot of people use Emma Watson a lot on the internet and Selena Is my Emma Watson, I will try to do more people though.
-I DO grammar checking, I re-write my captions 4 times 1st on the notepad then on Word to make the grammar check then on Google to make sure then on the caption , that's all my filters of errors and at first sight it looks like it's all good, but something always slips.

Hope this answers our questions I like to hear more from you guys...

Ladies Night

I don't know about you guys but I think Sofia got the better of This...

Project : Selena Gomez

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Swapping Into A Dream

Modern Swap

This is a quick face swap between Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland

Selana Going Wild

This Is a differant kind of Cap Exchange that I did with BrotherWobbles from Deviantart and my end of the deal that I got a morphed Selena Gomez and decided to share that with you...

Friday, October 17, 2014

This Situation


Selena/Kim/Giant Gomez

I used this Picture by Lowrider on Deviantart and did a little head swap on it...

The Quality Of Captions

I've noticed lately that all of my captions has at least one guy vote them as "bad", and that kind of worries me that I've become out of touch and can't write good captions anymore, I know that going out for months kinda effected me a little bit, but I think I need to know your opinion on the matter of ourse to the guy or guys that think a caption is bad you are free to explain why in an anonymous comment what you think is wrong and maybe we can solve it together I mean I've hit a million views lately I'm in a bigger scale than I was before and I like all readers of this blog if they see something wrong just point it out here and I'll work to solve it with an open mind...
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