Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's a PRANK people

Well I guess you fell for it you really thought that I would kill myself over a PC , wow people , but that showed how much you love me and I appreciate it.
So here's the REAL story , I this week celebrated two stuffs first it's Aid Aladha or the big Aid in all the muslims country (read the article to know more) and I was occupied for two days and the secong one is that I bought a NEW PC yay me , yes people I bought one and I'm very happy to have it as for why it took me so long is that I was very sick lately and that this was the only free time that I have , I'm still sick but expect a caption or two tommorow , hope you're not angry at me I just wanted to have fun with you wish you well


  1. Phew thank goodness thought I would never see you again.

  2. and that wasn't even 1 bit funny.

  3. not funny amel, but glad things aren't bad for you as they seemed to be

  4. Glad your Back Amel love the caps keep doing on what you do.. I have a question, could you email me i have this buisness thing idea i want to propose... Email:

  5. ...You dick. Glad you're ok man.


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