Monday, September 30, 2013

Amel1995 October's Captions Contest

Okay Here is what I'm thinking Now A Caption Contest.
I think you guys have some ideas that you want to share.
So for you professional captioners and even non-professional this invitation is for you , enter history as the first winner of Amel1995 Caption Contest.

The Rules:
1-The Contest theme is Celebrities.
2-You do the caption in a ny category you see fit , The Great Shift The Role Exchanger Head swap or even others
3-The submissions will be closed at October 31st 2013.
4-For all of your entries please send them to my E-mail :

                                                                                                                                     Good Luck...


  1. I appreciate that you linked my blog on yours. My views skyrocketed that day which shows how much of an influence you make for your readers. I'm going to enter this contest so my E-mail should come in the next couple of days. My only question is if there could be more than 1 panel?

    Thank You :)

  2. Sorry for reminding me I forgot Yes you can get as many panels as you want even a 100 lol


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