Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Caption Contest Entries

And now what all of you have been waiting for The October caption contest , and as you chose through a poll you will choose the winner you'll have the whole week to decide who would win and here are the participants.

2-Larry Thompson

3-Celeb Swap

4-Eric Smith

5-Diva Papi

6-Liara T'Soni


8-Chris Scripoch
Update: I forgot some of the entries I'm sorry

10-Assorted DeBaucheries

These are the entries and it's up to you to choose just submit your vote in the poll...
And I'm sorry for the people I forgot my Email is full of massages I just missed them...


  1. Hey amel could you do a celeb cap where a 14 year old boy gets swapped to kim Kardashain?? thnaks

  2. I enjoyed all of these captions, it was hard to choose a favorite. Just wanted to thank everyone for who participated. And with that I'm signing off for a while, hopefully not for long.

  3. Um! I distinctly remember entering your contest, dear. What happened to my entry?

  4. Very cool entries. Good stories! Really liked celebrities in caps lately. :)



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