Tuesday, October 8, 2013

State Of Captions : My Story What's Your's ?

State Of Captions : My Story

  So I was sitting at my computer reading some of the other TG blogs , when I come upon a blog called TG Swapping Caps (http://tgswappingcaps.blogspot.com/) who wrote this article ‘A little rant about TG Business’ He talks about what got him into captioning and other stuff , So I thought I should share with you my story.
The first time ever that I started o like these kinds of transformations is when I was 14 I watched “Mars Attack” all of you know what I’m talking about , when the aliens swapped the dog’s head with his female owner , that accidentally turned me on , I stayed watching TV for weeks waiting for a rerun to the movie , but nothing , that sight of a dog’s head in woman in bikini stayed in my head for months , Could that be possible , what If I had my head on an other person’s body how did it felt.
Put that thought soon started another, I was watching Scoobie Doo 2, and I always watched the cartoon, so the idea of a realistic movie was exciting , but the scene where is shaggy is a woman from the neck down sat those fetish on fire , Since I learned from my experience with the last movie , I went online to find that clip , an I watched millions of times , then another video caught my sight a Breast Expansion video , and so on till I reached a site called Breast-Expansion.com (they changed the site name now) watching breast expansion art , the that led me to Deviant art where I watched art for almost two years , then that took me to GTSArtists.com especially that story “Cheap Tricks” I was hooked.
I wasn’t that interested in captions I thought they we’re boring because most of the captions in Deviant art just explain the physical transformation like (His waist narrowed as his chest ballooned ect…) that wasn’t my thing I liked the change in life of the one who’s transforming or body swapping (As it shows in many of my captions) , That’s when some lucky click landed me in teh Switchers blog , it didn’t have that boring slow transformations theme , it had many themes that excited me like The Great Shift( which eventually led me to The Great Shift Captions) and Exchange Island which was my favourite till I saw The Role Exchanger theme my body part swap thing started.
But everything started when I was reading a story called Transfer Device on Brawna.org (It’s amazing check it out) and I said in my mind why don’t I write a story for my own enjoyment where I feature all of the transformations I like , and in almost 2 weeks I wrote “What Happened In Vegas” and then I thought why shouldn’t I post it on Brawna.org and I did (See it there) then I remembered my Deviant art account I didn’t use it for almost a year so I posted it there , then as I started to get interested in captioning so I started posting captions , and believe me I didn’t believe the kind of response I would get the numbers where amazing , the comment where mind-blowing I didn’t start doing it for me I started to do this for you , and that kind of appreciation to my work , turned on my personal life I started seeing new friends , I started taking care of myself , and look at life from a whole new perspective that all over the world there are people who are waiting for me to entertain them.
I was posting from June 2013 till August 2013 then all those months of happiness stopped because of a moron who decided that my captions are freakish and that ‘I should be locked in a cage with all the freaks like me who should not exists’ I was bullied my whole life and that touched me so mush that I started to consider stopping this , I was sad for days , but I stood up again only to see the same guy telling Deviant art to ban me forever from Deviant art , me with all the other captioners on Deviant art like I recently Discovered ‘Tg Captioneer’ (His new blog is open check it out) I stayed angry for days , I always had anger management problem (as many things broken in my house shows) my anger that time was beyond belief , but I saw an opening a good friend of mine Lira T’soni or MadSwapper suggested that I should start my own blog , I saw the other blogs so why don’t I have mine , so little by little I started posting my Captions from Deviant art and then more and more till I am here now , I have over 1400 views daily (yesterday it was 2700) I don’t get as mush comments but I’m cool with it (Even though I opened comments for everyone).
That was my story I opened my heart to you , you should do the same , just let it out , tell the world and those haters who you are , in the comment section tell us what made you like Caption and the whole TG thing , because you’re here a free person say what ever you want…



  1. Nice to know where the magic began. Hope you continue with your amazing captions Amel :) And thank you!

  2. Hi Amel, I just recently found your site and really enjoy your work. It is always fun to find a new voice. I have found that the community of TG writers and readers are very supportive in our little corner of the internet. I am glad you found your way here so that you can express your creativity with out people trying to pass judgement on you. I got interested in this so long ago but didn't start writing till about two years ago. The fantasy of the pros and cons of transformations and swaps are something that has stuck with me and will probably be with me forever. I have added a link to your site to mine and I hope the folks who visit me take the time to visit you as well! On a side note, is that offer of head swapping still good?


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