Friday, October 4, 2013

Amel1995 October's Caption Contest News

The Caption Contest is Still Open for you , hurry up , I only got entries from 3 right now keep it going people make me feel you love.

Amel1995 October's Captions Contest

Okay Here is what I'm thinking Now A Caption Contest.
I think you guys have some ideas that you want to share.
So for you professional captioners and even non-professional this invitation is for you , enter history as the first winner of Amel1995 Caption Contest.

The Rules:
1-The Contest theme is Celebrities.
2-You do the caption in a ny category you see fit , The Great Shift The Role Exchanger Head swap or even others
3-The submissions will be closed at October 31st 2013.
4-For all of your entries please send them to my E-mail :


  1. I hope you get more entries :( Have you tried advertising on Yahoo groups? Or other places.

    1. I dont have a yahoo account I work only with gmail so I don't know how Yahoo works

  2. I love the idea of this contest and I also hope that more contestants submit their captions.


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