Monday, March 23, 2015

Rule The World

This is a picture edited by a fan who left a comment that i should do a caption with this Image and I liked it and wrote this I wouldve linked his work if he left a name or an adress but the comment was anonymous however Enjoy...


  1. This looks great not many Captioners write about Trait Swap and you pull it off every time GJ Amel :)

  2. I love what you did with my picture, great job!

    Here you have more images I edited about female muscle that I hope you'll like, feel free to caption them if you want.

    Interviewing a precocious bodybuilder champion:

    A retelling of Snow White, where a stepmother realizes that she is no longer the most muscular of them all:

    An alternate universe version of the Jayne Mansfield-Sophia Loren photo. Maybe Jayne Mansfield took the muscles from her bodybuilder boyfriend Mickey Hargitay?


    - Tropican


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