Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Caption Contest

Yesterday I've put on a poll about doing a caption contest or not , and since "Yes" won I'm doing one.

This Contest main theme is Summer time, Using differant swapping themes to express summer time like Exchange Island The Great Shift Bikini Breach...ect

The Contest Rules:
1-You can have more than one panel.

2-The Entries can be sent to my E-mail :

3-The Last day for submitting entries is Sunday September 7th.

4-The Winner will be chosen through a poll.

Good luck to everyone...


  1. Would you like the pic you commented on or would you like for me do one just for the contest???...Drop me a line at

  2. so, I got your email, Amel and I will likely try to do something for your contest. I also put in a plug for your contest on my own caption site, so we'll see if that get you and more responses or not. I'm always glad to plug another site or caption contest. But it's good that you emailed me. I really don't go look at too many others captions sites very often. I want to try and avoid someone thinking I copied their idea, which may be stupid since when you look at all of the millions of captions that have ever been made, there probably aren't many truly original ideas left.

  3. Sign me up :) aha! TheShifter

  4. One question, Amel; You know a lot of my work ranges from "X" to "XXX" while yours seems to stay at "R" or below. Do you want things to stay out of the "XXX" realm?
    I will try and offer something for your readers to vote on, but so far I have no idea what it might be so, I'm asking about ratings to know what sorts of images might shape anything I compose.

    1. You can write as free as you want I like for this contest to have all writing styles for all peoples tastes

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi! I just e-mailed my entry, and I've linked up your blog on mine! ^_^


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