Thursday, September 12, 2013



  1. Damn!! What I wouldn't give to have a rack and a body like that :D

  2. "...
    made his wife's fantasy become a reality? The one she has about some strange & powerful woman seducing her into being the submissive lover of a Dominant lesbian Amazon!
    "Hello, Mary. We've never met but, I'm holding your husband captive," Heath told his wife firmly in the stern alto voice he now owns while groping his massive melons with his free hand "and, unless you follow my instructions to a "T", you'll never see him again. Now, unbutton your shirt..."

    Interesting start, Amel! Just wanted to share my thoughts about where your "..." might lead.
    Welcome to the TG-Caption 'blogiverse', and I'm sorry Dev-Art did you like Y! did me.

    Elle-ae / w8z2x4m

    1. I didn't really get what you said but thank you anyway , And for the Dev-art thing it's okay I have another world here Hopefully it's as famous as I was on deviantart And I heared you have a blog hopefully you link my blog to yours


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