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What Happens in Vegas II - LA Reunion

The Second part:

What Happens in Vegas II - LA reunion

It been seven years since the transformation of Monica to a runway model , she's been sponsored by a lot of modeling companies being on the cover of multiple magazines and enjoying the life with her boyfriend Shaya , yes they are boyfriends now since that Premiere at Vegas they didn't slow down at all.
For Megan she was on the top of Hollywood now , she won 2 Oscars 3 Golden Globes and one teen choice award for hottest actress and been on the top of the world hottest womens four years in a row life was good for Megan as Megan Fox
Speaking of Megan Fox she became now Megan Wilson the sister of Jennifer they were twins but not very similar in shape or body Megan Fox climbed to the top of the social scene at Arnolds high she was the captain of the cheerleading squad she had multiple boyfriends in a year she slept more times than I can count on my hand and graduated but she skipped college to follow her dream of being an actress but in every  audition she was just a source of annoyance to the director she was a horrible actress , so she went to college studied medicine and became a plastic surgeon, and now she opened a clinic in Malibu.
Her "twin" Jennifer was a shy person at high school, she was focused on studying, she was by far the smartest person in her school that she won a scholarship to Harvard, she studied biology, Monica helped her that she bought her an island near Florida to build her own lab, her researches was financed by the US Government and several large
Universities. She invented a metal that is very light but very strong; she had a millions of dollars of contracts with cars companies.
Sabrina Monica's "sister" graduated in the same year as Megan F and Jennifer but skipped college and went to New York to practice modeling she learned modeling very quickly but her body was an obstacle she had Monica's former body 5'5" and a AA cup , the height was fine but she was a little bit chubby didn't I mention that when Monica transferred her body to her , Megan transferred the eating habit that she had before and transferred it to Monica then to Sabrina , for the last five years she managed to control that eating habit by training she at the age of 17 she had her personal trainer thanks to her famous sister Monica , but what bothered her more her small breasts , she begin when she was 18 and had her first plastic surgery that took her from AA to a D cup , then she fixed her nose multiple time in a year , at 20 years old she had her second plastic sugary on her breasts from a D to EE , then when Megan F opened her clinic her obsession of bigger breasts continued that at the age of 22 she became a KKK and did more than 18 plastic surgery on her hole body just in 7 years , The press blamed Monica saying that she was a bad example for her working in an environment that only care about the outside look.
Sharon Megan's Former sister , quitted hooters and worked as an assistant for Megan , she found it weird when six years ago a girl called her claiming that she is Megan fox and she wanted her to be her assistant , she thought it was a joke but it was real .
Megan's former mom or as we like to call her now Mrs. Marshal Married her daughter former boss , only after a year of dating , she is now 56 , Goe invested a lot of money and hit the jackpot , he is now 59 years old and they are living together in the hills.

Megan was a member of the two and a half men cast; when they replaced Charlie Shean by Ashton Cutshor she was playing the role of his very beautiful naive fiancée , One day they invited Monica to be the guest star of one of their episode as one of Charlie's former girlfriends that came back because she didn't attend the funeral , but then Aston start to focus his eyes on Monica's body , Monica and Megan didn't met foe seven years because of their work , but now it was the perfect place to meet.
Megan was setting her self for the next scene when someone covered her eyes and said "guess who?"
Megan: Courtney stop it you're gone mess my makeup
Monica: Surprise
Megan: MONICA! It's been a lot
Monica: yeah seven years!
Megan: I know, what brings you here
Monica: I am the guest star this episode
Megan: yeah, I was reading the script and wondering who are they gona get, having fun with that body of yours
Monica: it's like Heaven; I'm living a dream right now
Megan: How is Sabrina I heard that she did another plastic surgery on her lips?
Monica: she is totally obsessed, don't tell her but I'm going to but her in a rehab
Megan: that's so sad; I hope that she will be fine.
Monica: yeah she is a mess but I enjoy having a little sister I was always a lonely child, I didn't find the time to thank you
Megan: you're welcome
The director: get ready ladies we start shooting after 30 second
Monica: hey Megan, I established my own fashion company and I'm doing a runaway show tomorrow wanna come
Megan: yeah of course, I don't have anything to do anyway
Monica: Great
The director: ACTION!

Tomorrow - At Megan's house
Megan: hey Sharon
Sharon: yes
Megan: tell the driver to set the car we are going to Monica's runway show.
Sharon: yes
Megan "on the phone": hey Jennifer it's me Megan, Megan Fox did you remember me
Jennifer: yes of course I do your Jennifer best friend how did you have my number?
Megan : Monica gave it to me , so I called you because tomorrow it's the 4th of July and I have a BBQ party at my house and I want to invite you
Jennifer: well, I'll find some time and call you back, bye
Megan: Bye, Hey Sharon, where is the car?
Sharon: right away mam

At Jennifer's show
Megan's limo parked in front of the red carpet as she stepped out of the car the paparazzi went crazy
The Insider reporter: Ladies and gentleman it's a big surprise one of Jennifer old friends is here none other then Megan Fox everybody, Megan, Megan, the insider can I ask you some question please
Megan: yes go ahead
The insider reporter: we didn't see you and Monica wood together in the same place for almost seven years, why?
Megan : well I met Monica when we were shooting an episode of two and a half men , and she invited me at this show , and we didn't met because of our jobs we have a very busy schedule
The insider reporter: thanks Megan have fun
Megan: I will thanks

Inside the theatre
Monica: Megan, over here
Megan: hey there you are
Shaya: hey Megan, too long no see
Megan: hey, having fun with Monica
Shaya: oh more than you can think, honey I must go now I have job to do
Monica: be well honey, Megan here sit with me here
Megan: so what's this show about?
Monica: I'm showing my new editions of bikinis for this summer, and I'm bringing the most breasted models in my show
Megan: oh that gives me an idea, how about a one for the old days
Monica: OK, but let me first introduce you to my models, let's go backstage

Monica: And finally this is Denis
Megan: they're very beautiful
A tall man approaches Monica she turn around and see a muscles man who looked like he is 6'5" Megan believed that she saw this man before then she pulled Monica and said: hey do you know who this man is
Monica: No
Megan: Remember the boyfriend and the girlfriend that we switch their places Seven years ago
Monica: yeah good times, what about them
Megan: this is that girl we turned into a guy
Mick: Hey, Miss Woods my name is Mick, I am the manager of a new face here in modeling world and I want you to see it hopefully you agree to let it in this show
Monica: OK, Let me see the lucky girl
Mick: this is my girlfriend Mickey
Megan: you have a very beautiful girlfriend
Remember Mickey she was Nick and she is now 25 she grown up a little since last time she is now 5'5" a DD cup breasts very long legs and beautiful face , since the accident at the pool Nick and Michelle "now Mickey and Mick" seven years ago they ware both 18 and were in a vacation with a couple of friends , after the accident they went back to they're houses trying to suit their new life style especially Mickey how is now trying to handle the pain of "that time of the month" and also Mick how many girls at his school fall in love with him but he was loyal to Mickey and she was too , and they believed every thing happened for a reason so they moved in together , Mickey by a bag insist from Mick that she go to modeling school cause she have the body for it and Mick went to business school , then Mickey begin a career as a model , and now she is in the hand of the greatest model of this century.
Mickey: Hey, my name is Mickey.
Monica: nice to meet you Mickey, your boyfriend gave me your CV and I accepted you to do this show
Mickey: thank you very much, you won't regret it
Monica: the show is almost going to start let's go

Back to the theatre
Monica: sit here and the target will appear one by one, oh here is the first model
the first model was very tall 6'6" and a nice E cup breasts , Megan was searching for another victim then she spotted what look like a 15 year old girl 5' A cup blond hear and she came here with her mother and clearly she look like she don't want to watch the show
Megan: OK, I'm gona make this slow
Megan took 2" from the first model and one cup size
15 Year old girl / 5'2" and a B cup/ still the girl didn't notice and still play with her phone
1st Model / 6'4" DD cup / the bikini she is wearing was getting suspiciously loose she hurried back so the 2nd would come
The second model came up she was 5'11" D cup, Megan took 2" and another cup size
15 Year old girl / 5'4" and a C cup size /the girl began to notice as her shirt began to stretch and a slight breeze hit her belly she tried to pull the shirt down but her breasts burst from her V neck top she went to the bathroom to check what's happening
2nd Model / 5'9" and C cup / she looked at her breasts while the cameras were flashing and noticed that her breasts were unusually small her breasts would usually block the view from her feet but she could now see her toes she went back as the third one came , she was 6' and DD cup ,she took this time 5" and two cup sizes
15 years old girl / 5'9" and DD cup / the girl was in the bathroom washing her face because she noticed that her breasts were unusually big but as she moved her face she felt like she was being raised from the ground , actually now she felt taller but suddenly her breasts began to inflate this time twice the speed she freaked out and called her mother that she is going home alone and ran out
3rd Model / 5'7" and C cup breasts / while she was walking on the runaway her top began to slip a little bit she was too embarrassed to pull it up in front of the crowd so she let it go but suddenly her top falls and every body was staring in awe especially the guys who tried to catch a glimpse of her breasts which look unusually small , the photographers went crazy , but she tried to cover it like it was a piece of the show and continued her way to the back stage.
While the 4th Model was getting out Megan noticed that the 15 year old girl was getting out running, the 4th Model was 5'9" and a good E cup breasts, Megan transferred three cup sizes and 4" to the 15 years old girl
15 Year old girl / 6'1" and EE cup breasts / As she was running out she felt her chest swell again she watched in horror  as her shirt rose and rose until he looked like a bra more than a shirt and she was taller and by the effect of the weight of her new breast she fallen down on her face she close her eyes while falling but she noticed that the fall was over but her face didn't hit the ground she opens her eyes and see that her new huge boobs blocked the fall like an air bag , thankfully no one noticed her fall cause they were shocked by what's happening on the stage.
Megan: she's gona have an interesting day
Monica: and her boyfriend will be so happy
4th Model / 5'5" D cup breasts / when she was walking she felt like she was pressed into the ground she almost fainted she ignored that feeling and continued but then she saw people jaw dropped looking at her body , she looked down only to discover that she was topless she tried to cover the fall by pretending it was a part of the show and ran to the back stage , while the 5th Model showed up it was Mickey
Monica: Look Megan it's that guy
Megan: poor guy after having a fantasy of kissing or having sex with a model he is now one of them
Monica: I saw him and his girl at the back they were having problems kissing because she is small and he is so huge
Megan: well don't worry I'll fix that
Megan searched for someone to transfer height from him and saw a photographer who seem a bit athlethique and tall he was 6'2" so while Mickey is going out , Megan transferred 7" to Mickey , the photographer was getting a shot of Mickey's body when his pants fell down , Mickey looked at him and laugh but she felt a jolt of power hitting her what she didn't realize that she is 6' now but she looked very thin so Megan decided that she takes a little of the photographer's muscles to Mickey , and she was right Mickey with the new set of Muscles that token a feminine tone and suits her tall body got a standing auvation . Mickey headed backstage happy by her performance and kissed her boyfriend, but in the middle of the kiss they noticed that they were close in height after the foot difference just minutes ago, but they were happy by it and continue to kiss anyway.
The show was over but Megan and Monica was looking for the last victim then Monica said: I have a really crazy idea
Megan: you know that I like crazy ideas
Monica than pointed to a six year old kid with his mom and said something in Megan's ear, Megan laugh at the idea and said: I'll do it. While the mother of the 6 year old was ready to go out of the theatre she noticed a big bulge in the kid's pants, and then said: pull that toy outside of your pants
the kid said : I'm not putting anything there , in the same time the models in the show were getting out of the theatre while the kid and his mom were getting in the car he started to have a very satisfying feeling in his pants suddenly his dick grew in an alarming rate reaching 20" his mother freaked out and runes the car and went to the hospital , Monica and Megan saw that and started laughing then Monica said : well the two guys inside have a lot to explain to their girlfriends.

The 4th of July
Megan woke up early to set up for the BBQ party, she went down, turns the TV on and had breakfast, it was the news
the host : talking about weird thing by mother nature , last night LA hospital received a very weird case it was a 6 years old kid but let's say he is two man combined a report by Miguel Disoza
the report : it was a normal night here at the hospital in LA when a mother came in screaming that her son genitals was bigger , but when the Doctor examine it , it seem that his member didn't swell but was normally fine .
the doctor: that case is really weird we never saw a case like that before the kid have a member in resting position is 10" tall and when erect he could reach maximum 23" tall and that's for a six year old boy we predict that when he reaches 18 years old his member will be a foot and a half long in rest position and 3' tall erect
The report: and when we talked to the mother of the kid she said
The mom: he was perfectly fine but last night when he saw some college girls passing by his member grow a lot I took him to the hospital and the doctors said that he is perfectly fine, how is that possible
The report: Mother Nature never stops to amaze us, and about the kid with a 3 feet tall member he's gona have an
Interesting teen period.
Megan: well he'll be thankful when the girls will be falling in front of him just to take a piece of him.
Then Megan hear an knock on the door then say: Sharon open the door
Sharon: yes mam, it's Monica
Monica: hey girl, did you saw the news?
Megan: I just did, it's funny what we did to him
Monica: now I'm thinking that the two guys we took there dick's from them, it'll be a while for them to get laid
Megan: they won't get laid ever
the news host: and if the kid wasn't weird enough, we found a girl who entered the Guinness world record for the biggest natural breasts for an under 18 the girl is 15 years old, and started developing breasts since she was 8 years old and now she is EE, the doctor says that in this rate she also going to grow by the age of 21 at least two cup sizes
Monica: don't worry; she will be a huge porn star
Megan: you're right about that, hey did you bring Sabrina?
Monica: yes
Megan: how is she?
Monica: she is fine
Sabrina: hey everybody wassup
Megan: hey Sabrina, wow what did you do for your self?
Sabrina: they're pretty isn't it?
Megan: are you insane!
Sabrina: no, their kinda heavy and they block me of doing a couple of things, like tying my shoes, but I'm perfectly fine
Monica in Megan's ear: I need you to help me convince her to make her breasts a normal size, I'm worried for.
Megan: tonight after the party I'm going to talk with her
Sharon: Mam and Goe are here
Megan: hey Goe nice to meet you
Goe: thanks to inviting us to your party, but we don't even know you, I mean personally, why did you invite us?
Megan: you're my assistant parents and also friends of Monica, Monica's friends are my friends
Mrs. Marshal: thanks honey
Megan: your welcome mo... Sorry Mrs. Marshal
Sharon: the guests are here
Megan: tell them to head to the back yard

At the party
Megan: hey every one welcome to the 4th of July's party, enjoy your self's
Monica: hey, Megan that's Jennifer
Megan: stay here I'll go and say hello
Since the last time Megan and Jennifer met seven years ago, Jennifer changed a little she was 5'9" with a B cup, now she is 5'11" with C cup and her style changer a lot; she was wearing glasses and had a pony tail
Megan: Hey Jennifer, right?
Jennifer: yes, hey, you have a nice party here
Megan: thanks
Jennifer: can I ask you a question, why do you wear this necklace everywhere, even in your movies in a sex scene when you are completely naked you still wear it
Megan: uh... uh...  it's my lucky thing
Jennifer: I think I saw it before when, yes when I saw it the first time on you I search for it and found a book about it, it say that it is a happy marriage necklace that can change your life's, of course I didn't care a bout it I have a busy schedule and don't have time to read old books
Megan : no this is not that necklace , it's a fake one I bought in  trip to Peru , but can you give me the book I like to read it
Jennifer: of course, one phone call and it will be here
Jennifer called someone in the phone and said to him to bring the book to her location
Megan: where is the book now?
Jennifer: in my private island, in Florida, wait 15 minutes and the book will be here
Megan: 20 minutes! It's a long way from Florida till here
Jennifer: want to bet about it?
Megan: OK I'll bet you with a 100$ it won't come in time
Jennifer: deal
10 minutes later a plane throw a box in the back yard of Megan's house , she opened it and found the book
Megan: OK you win, but how
Jennifer: the US government does anything for me
Megan: Ok, have fun bye
Jennifer: bye
Then Megan went back to Monica
Monica: what's about the plane, is this a part of the show?
Megan: no Jennifer brought me a book to understand why I can't take away this necklace
Monica: did you tell her something?
Megan: of course not
Monica: we had a lot of fun last night, how about we do it again
Megan: OK, choose the target
Monica: bingo
Monica focused on a Model called Vanessa Kates 25 years old , standing at five foot six tall, she had light blonde hair which would have framed her face perfectly had it not been tied back in a severe ponytail. Her chocolate brown eyes sparkled with life and a large nose separated them, the only flaw that you could find on her face. Her lips were full, lush and scarlet and her jaw was strong and proud. As beautiful as her face was, though, it was nothing compared to her amazing body.
Underneath the black jacket, white shirt and black skirt lay an amazing set of GG cup breasts, and in the other way was a very skinny 6'2" tall man, Megan had an idea and started to do it, and then she heard some screaming it was Vanessa saying "My breasts, I want them back..."
Vanessa, who had been a busty and sexy Model, was now anything but. Her clothes hung loose on her flat chest and her curveless body. It was as though puberty had gone in reverse for her, taking all of her curves and feminine development away, leaving her looking more like a twelve year old boy.
On the other hand the skinny guy, it was immediately obvious where all of Vanessa's curves had gone, as he stood there with a pair of breasts...and more. He had all of Vanessa's feminine development, which made him look very much like an extremely tall girl, much to his obvious embarrassment. They both ran to their cars back home
Megan: Next
the next target was a 18 year old girl and a 90 years old lady the 18 years old was 5'10" a sexy hourglass curved body  and a D cup to complete he image , suddenly she felt an odd tugging at her chest . She readjusted it, only to feel it immediately start to sag again. Her breasts looked strange too, her cleavage looked farther apart than normal, and her breasts lower. She looked around to make sure no one was looking and tried to shift them back. To her amazement, they only sagged lower. They felt entirely wrong too, soft and flabby, like melting jello in loose bags. She tried to tighten her top to hold them up.
Instead, they sagged even lower, and their appearance was almost unrecognizable. The skin became wrinkled and discolored, the nipples dark and stretched. They were slightly smaller now, and much droopier, like half-filled water balloons, and they threatened to spill out or around the increasingly ill-fitting bikini top. In a panic, she grabbed a cover-up before it was too late. When she dared to look again, she saw withered, wrinkled sacs that lay like fried eggs against her chest. She had the breasts of a 90 year old, but the breast didn't change alone he spine was herding her and her legs became saggy and her skin was hideous, and she lost all of her curves.
the 90 year old was getting kinda dizzy so she sat down while sitting her eyes went completely blurry she gasped and closed her eyes, wondering what was wrong , But when she opened them back up just a moment later, it had cleared "Weird" she muttered with a deep frown " maybe it's just my age"
But then, just a short while later, she let out a faint squeak as a strange tingling sensation suddenly covered her butt. She shifted positions and rubbed her butt, briefly wondering if maybe she needed to go on a diet. Her pants felt a bit tight in her rear...
A moment later she decided to ho inside the house library to read a book, when she was suddenly hit with it again, there was a quick rush of dizziness, as well as a tingling which seemed to be concentrated around her waist this time.
"What's wrong with me?" She demanded of no one in particular as soon as it had passed. "It's got to be stress..." Then she shook her head, "Maybe I should see a doctor..." then she sat down at a desk reading a book.
the 90 years old had been sitting at the desk , she felt that she need a break , With that, she stood up and stretched, then paused to realize that her pants didn't seem to fit right , But before she could think about it, she noticed one of her friends was coming toward her.
"Hi Catharine" she greeted her friend
As she came over, Catharine nodded, "Morning Sheila..."
Then Sheila stared at Catharine with the sudden feeling that something was wrong. Something was...weird. It took her just a moment more to realize exactly what it was. She was looking down meet Catharine's eyes, when normally they were almost exactly the same level.
"What...?" She blinked, quickly glancing down at Catharine's feet and seeing that she was wearing the same shoes as normal. But when she looked back at her friend's face, Sharon couldn't deny that she looked about four inches.
"Wow," Catharine interrupted Sheila's confused thoughts, "you look different today. You look great..." Then she abruptly asked, "Have you lost weight?"
Sheila blinked in surprise, still trying to make sense of why she suddenly seemed to be four inches taller than Catharine, not to mention everything else. "I don't..."
But before Sheila could finish, she suddenly felt it hit her again, a faint dizziness and a strange tingling along her scalp Catharine let out a loud gasp, stepping back with a look of complete shock her face as she stared up at Sheila
"Your...Your hair," Catharine gasped, staring at Sheila in stunned disbelief.
"What do you mean?" Sheila demanded, reaching up for her hair and pulling a couple strands in front of her face where she could see them, then gasping herself. Her hair was blonde. "My hair..."
Catharine took another step back and nervously asked, "What's going on with you...? How did you do that...?"
"I don't know," Sheila answered with a sinking feeling, beginning to get VERY worried. "I don't know..."
Then Sheila abruptly turned and rushed to the nearest bathroom, nearly even pushing one of the guests out of the way in her hurry to get there. She burst through the door and stopped in front of the bathroom mirror, her eyes going wide in surprise.
"Oh shit," Sharon whispered, hardly able to believe what she was seeing
Though Sheila had already seen a few strands of her hair, now she could see that ALL of it had turned blonde, even her eyebrows. And her hair seemed to have grown nearly six inches as well. Sheila was so intent on her hair that it took her nearly a minute to realize that her eyes had changed too. That instead of their normal grayish color...they were a deep blue
For several minutes, Sheila just stood there, silently staring at her in confused disbelief, wondering what could possibly cause something like that to happen, after letting out a brief curse, and Sheila was going out of the bathroom, scowling as she looked around her. She saw Carol sitting at the desk at the library some distance away, trying too hard to pretend that she was reading and not noticing anything odd.
"Damn," Sheila muttered as she tried adjusting her pants. Then she looked down at her ankles, which were exposed a bit more than normal since the pant legs had raised several inches. Obviously more than her hair and eye color had already been changed
Just then, Sheila felt the almost familiar dizziness and tingling, though this time it seemed to tickle her entire body. With a gasp and a sinking feeling, Sharon knew that she had to see what had happened now and rushed to the bathroom once again, Sheila let out yet another gasp as she saw the latest alterations to her reflection. She was still herself, or at least as much as she had been the last time that she looked in the mirror, except this time she looked YOUNGER. She looked like she was now only 18, everything in her body except her face changed new curve blond hair tall body two firm and round big set of breasts
"No way," Sheila whispered, running her hands over her body
Then it dawned on Sheila... She might have been able to pass the new blonde hair off around the party as having decided to try a new style out, but there was no way that she'd be able to hide her new body. Not without drawing too much attention and too many questions. And worse...what if more changes happened? So she rushed back home hoping nothing would happened again.
Monica: that's a good one Meg but let me choose the last one, then Monica she gestured at a strikingly handsome man with a chiseled body and a tight suit that showed off a prominent bulge. It was obvious he considered himself a gift to women, and from the way some of the women were eyeing him, he might have been right. In fact, a gorgeous blond had just taken up position right next to him. She gave him a huge smile and started up some idle conversation to show her interest. He noticed that her eyes kept moving hungrily down towards his crotch and smiled in satisfaction. He had chosen the tight, a suit to show off his thick, 9-inch cock, and it rarely failed to attract attention.
It did now too, but something seemed wrong. She almost seemed to frown as she glanced down again, and then stopped to look more openly, with a perplexed expression at his chest.
He adjusted his dark glasses and pretended to eat while checking his appearance. Something about his chest looked wrong. His nipples looked bigger and looked obvious out of his blazer Instead of the tiny, male nipples centered on toned Pecs, his nipples were prominent large and thick, with obvious areola that almost seemed raised from the surrounding skin. The nipples themselves were erecting no doubt from the breeze, he reasoned making them look even more obvious, and almost "feminine" to his horror, his manly Pecs also seemed wrong somehow. They seemed to be softening remaining just as large if not larger, but as they lost muscle tone, they sagged and rounded, giving him the look of small breasts, he looked back at her in confusion, to see her now staring at his face in consternation He couldn't figure out why, not being able to see how his features had become more delicate, but he brushed in irritation at his now shoulder length hair. In doing so, he suddenly noticed that his nails were longer, yet more delicate, almost like they had been shaped. They even looked shiny, as though he might have a layer of polish on them. (They didn't, but he couldn't yet know that they had been permanently altered to seem as though they did.) His upper arms and legs thinned as they lost muscle tone. He stared at his transforming body in disbelief, even as the woman began to edge away in alarm "Wait, there's something wrong. I can explain" he promised, alarmed to hear his voice higher and with an unmistakable lisp she didn't wait to hear any more, almost tipping her chair over in her eagerness to escape. She didn't know how she could have been so wrong about him in her initial impression. A last glance back seemed to show his eyebrows thinning and a light wave take form in his longer hair. Weird For some reason, the man wasn't able to run away for help as was his initial impulse. And after all, he still had his pride and joy to keep the ladies interested, no matter what else he looked like. He absentmindedly patted the bulge in his pants, and then frowned at what he felt. He looked down and saw his suit was still tight, but for some reason, it didn't stand out the way it should. A surreptitious touch confirmed his fear even soft, he could tell there wasn't enough there Ignoring propriety, he tugged the waistband to check himself out He almost fainted at what he saw. His cock was small even smaller than average, and his scrotum was shrunken. He reached down to feel two marble-sized balls in a small, loose sac. Even worse, it was immediately obvious that his cock was still shrinking! Before his horrified eyes, it shrank to barely two inches, and became thin as a pencil. The hair around it retreated into his body, making his small size even more obvious, and giving his genitals the appearance of a two year old He dropped the band on his suit. For some reason, it was as tight as ever, but now only emphasized how small he was. He stood in obvious agitation and walked/ran from the pool, his hips swaying effeminately thanks to a wider pelvis and large ass that helped draw attention to smooth, girlish legs. To his dismay, he felt an irresistible urge to show his body off, and he began to sashay towards the bar, towards some women already giggling and whispering about his appearance it was pure hell.
Monica: ha ha ha, that will teach him, now goodbye were going home, come on Sabrina
Megan: Can you and Sabrina stay here for a girl night just me and you two
Sabrina: I'd love to
Monica: me to
Megan: then it's a deal

Inside the house
Megan opened the old book it was dusty but luckily it was in English she looked for the necklace and found out that necklace is an old Mayan heritage they give every new bride a necklace to change her body shape as her husband want and after a month if she want the necklace to disappear but the power of it stays.
Megan: Monica, can you come here for a second I found something
Monica: you said that you're gona talk with Sabrina, why you didn't talk?
Megan : later , later , check this out it say that the necklace can disappear but her powers stays in the person wearing it , if I wear it for a month , and I've been wearing it for seven years now
Monica: How?
Megan: just say the magic word "translatum-maior"
Suddenly Megan's chest look like he was eating the necklace as it disappeared under her skin.
Monica: do you feel something?
Megan: no, I feel normal, it says here after you say the magic words new powers will be shown
Monica: what powers?
Megan : it say like controlling other peoples bodies including your own , get inside peoples bodies , and other stuffs
Monica: wow, that's amazing, let's try it
Megan: On whom?
Monica: Sabrina is sleeping, let's try it on her

The guest's bedroom
Megan: here it is, what are we going to try first
Monica: reduce her breast size
Then Megan started to concentrate on Sabrina's breasts and turned them from KKK to a DD
Monica : it worked , but I think it's time to give her , her model body that I took 7 years ago , and take her obsession of plastic surgery
Megan: OK
Megan then started to remember her body and restored like it was before , a tall 6 footer model , but she lat her remember that she had this body from the beginning , and saved her reality as Monica's sister
Sabrina: what? What happened?
Monica: nothing honey just go to sleep
Then she turns to Megan and says: I'm really happy for her she really began to be obsessed with the whole that is bustier thing
Megan: BEGAN!!!
The two girls laughed and went to bed

The next morning, in the kitchen
Megan was setting her self a glass of milk while Monica came running with the newspaper in her hand.
Monica: hey Megan looks, there is an adult video convention in town, and they were holding a contest to find the biggest bust, first prize is $5,000, so can we go?
Megan: but we both are celebrity if someone sees as there it will be a huge misunderstanding...
To Be Continued...

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  1. LOVING this story :) Especially the swaps between Vanessa and the skinny guy :) Great job my friend.


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