Monday, September 16, 2013

What Happens In Vegas I

The following Story Is my first ever written story Please be kind

  It was the night of prom Jessica Lambert found her self alone in the this day all the guys in her school rejected her because she's not hot and they were right she was a small girl with 5'1.5" tall red hair with brown eyes no existence of breasts on her chest with the curves of a 11 years old boy. she went to the prom by her self and it was the worst night of her life because the football team pushes her into the the food table while the hole school was laughing at her high school was the worst period of time in Jessica's life put she was happy that next year she is going to college.
  After the horrible night in prom she's back home so wet and crying she takes a shower and throw her self in bed suddenly she hears some giggles from the street she looks from the window and she see Jack the captain of the football team kissing madly Veronica the hottest cheerleader in the school she cries more and more as they enter Jack's house which is on the left of Jessica's house and to make things even worst Jack's room is in the same floor as Jessica's room she goes back to her bed crying and wishing  that something bad happened to them , a light hits the room Jessica looks from the window and see a shooting star she says "this is my lucky day now I can make a which" when suddenly the star change direction and heads to Jessica , she didn't realize that until the star hits the window and break it , she stand in awe looking at this thing that came from space "it look like a remote with a screen on it" she said while lifting the remote she presses a button the remote is on she see some writing in English like "swap,TG,BE,FMG, ect..." she push the button "swap" then she see on the screen choose target , then she hears a door slam an the next  house it's Jack and Veronica they made it to the room still kissing each other , Jessica Sais" I will use them as my guinea pig she have a photo of Veronica and a photo of Jack then the remote start to write "Object 1 Name: Jack Huntley Age:19 Gender: Male Height:6'6" Weight:220 pounds / Object 2 Name: Veronica Park Age:19 Gender: Female Height:5'4" Weight:105 pounds" and a big button "swap" she pushes it and look from the room at the two lovers.
Jack: I feel cold do you too Veronica
Veronica: No I feel hot for you
Jack: so let's start the game
Veronica: Yes...Yeeeees push it harder harder I can not fell it.
Jack: I'm pushing it as hard as I can.
  Then Jack look at his member in see it shrink slowly and vanish. The he see Veronicas Vegina and see something grow inside it and pop out he looks in surprise when Veronica turn and see him looking at her with his mouth open she looks and scream "what did you do to me"
Jack: I didn't my thing vanished also.
  They look at each other in surprise then Veronica spots her huge tits slowly shrinking from DD to a C cup then to a B and Slowly its gone she looks to Jack and say crying" my tits oh no do something" then she spots Jack's nipples growing larger and larger till the size of her old boobs then Jack's Muscles start to unpack and his skin texture starts to be in a feminine tone while Veronica looks by the time buffed like an NFL player and some hair grow in her now six pack and in her legs too then they notice that Veronica's hair is becoming short while Jack's hair becoming more tall and rich in color they stand looking at each other not speaking even a word then Veronica starts to grow taller Jack spots that and say "Are you Getting Taller?" but these word came out in a feminine voice he catch his mouth and notice that he's also becoming shorter Veronica says in a manly voice "Oh my god". They butt their old clothes on but now it didn't fit so they exchange their clothes.
Jack: what happened to us?
Veronica: I don't know! Maybe Sex did that
Jack: don't be silly
Veronica Says As she towers over now the little Jack "Let's give it a try we have nothing to loose"
  They go back again to the bed but now with the roles changed Veronica gives Jack a big push as they feel nothing they ever felt before put Veronica's theory was wrong it only made it worst now Veronica was a big man 6'9" with huge muscles like bowling ball on her arms and a big member now 15" tall and a deeper voice, and poor Jack was now a smoking' hot bomb 5'1" DDD round breasts rests proudly on her perfectly shaped chest and a perfect skin tone with very long hair reaches to his perfectly round ass and his long sexy legs.
"Let's do it again" Veronica says
Jack: NOO but there is something about you turns me on
Veronica: me too
Jack: now sleep here and I'll go sleep in the couch downstairs or some thing again happened and I find my self looking like Carmen Electra or something
Veronica: No you will stay here you're a girl now and your soft body will suffer in the hard couch. She says as she taking a pose like she's in the Olympia and say again "those muscles will help me survive threw the night"
  Jessica was watching this from the window speechless and says" Is this like a Body changing devise, and if it work on them could it work on me?" then she take a photo of her self and presses "Modification" the a menu of option appears on the remote screen she select the first option "Height" and say" how about making me 10 inches taller" she press confirm and she feels a rush throw her body she looks to the mirror and spot the difference she is now taller than the mirror frame on the back of the door then say" Wow now lets go big" she choose muscles mass and give herself a six pack and light touch of muscles on her arms like MMA girls then goes for the big prize she choose the option" Breasts and butt" and says "lets see am going for the beach this summer and a couple of 36D's won't harm as for the butt I say have a J-Lo Latino style butt" and press confirm then her 11 years old curves starts shapes slowly into a fully grown women or maybe more  her shirt start to rise and rise and rise then her boobs start to show under the T-shirt apparently her small t-shirt won't fit her new and improved melons then her jeans feels very tight she take it off and look to say the biggest junk in the trunk that she ever saw "now no boy will resist my charm, and now let's go for some details "Hair color" blond eyes color "Blue" waist  18 inches face clear from zits"she jumps happier than ever and hope this is not a dream she lays her head on her bed thinking of her controlling every human body and saying "This will be a great summer"
  the next morning she woke up and brushes her teethes admiring her new look then search in her closet for some clothes that fit but all off them can't pass her huge tits test either her pants so she calls her best friend Nicole (Nicole is also a petite young blond girl with a cute face and an AA boobs Standing 5 feet tall she was the personification of the word 'cute' not hot but cute like little puppies)
Jessica: Hey Nicole good morning ... I can't find some clothes that fits my friend how just came out of town and she didn't bring her clothes with her so can you do me a favor and by some clothes for her I can't go out now I have to make her breakfast
Nicole: Of course partner can you give me her size and I will get you some nice clothes
Jessica: breast size 36D Waist 18 inches and she's 5 feet 11 tall
Nicole: Wow is your friend a model?
Jessica: No, but you can say that she is the wet dream of all men's
Nicole: Wow , don't forget were going to California for the summer my uncles gave me a job as a waitress in his beach restaurant and I got a job for you too there we will see all the hot guys and maybe you will have your first date. I will come with my car to your house give the clothes then we go to the aero port our flight is 1PM.
Jessica: OK bye
Nicole: Bye
  When Jessica closed the phone she started to think "Do I tell her what if she didn't believe me then I'll show her"
  2 hours later Jessica hears knocking on the door it was Nicole
Jessica: Come in it's open.
  Nicole enter the house when she spot a naked bombshell standing in front of her a tall busty women how Nicole hardly reaches her huge breasts actually she was shorter than her breasts
Nicole: Sorry for going in but is Jessica here?
Jessica: That's me Nicole, Jessica in front of you.
  Nicole steps back and see Jessica's face on this girl and says in awe "Jess is that you, it's impossible you're not her"
Jessica: Yes it's me but a hole lute hotter
Nicole: No your not ,now come out of there Jessica this prank starts to be scary
Jessica: Believe me it's  me and I can prove it when we were around 6 years old we use to stay in your home and plays with your sister bra and p..
Nicole: Put it on our cheats ,Oh Jess is that you put... put how did this all of this happened
Jessica: I found this remote that can control peoples body even your's
  Then she take's a photo of Nicole and say to her "what celebrity body you wished you have it"
Nicole: I would like if I was like her body is smocking' hot
 Jessica write Abeyance's name on the remote and select 'copy' suddenly Nicole Skin starts to boil then everything starts to expands taking the shape of Abeyance curves and her body also got taller Nicole looks at Jessica's eyes and starts to jump together saying "WE ARE THE HOTTEST GIRLS IN ALL OF CHICAGO NO THE WORLD"
Nicole: thank God I was wearing a dress or my clothes will be shreds though it feel a little bit tight now put some clothes on and let's go we will talk in our way to sunny California.
  Nicole and Jessica was going outside and they spotted a couple coming out of Jack's house
Nicole: Is Jack having some guests
Jessica: That's Jack and Veronica's I transformed them last night , you should see their faces.
Jessica and Nicole gets in the car Veronica see them and she had that weird feeling for looking at their asses squashed in the little car.
  Jessica and Nicole arrive at the aero port only to discover that their flight is deleted for technical problem so they decide to drive from Chicago to LA , it was a long drive Nicole see that the petrol was low so they stop in a random petrol station near Salt lake city Jessica step off the car and stretch her leg and fill the car with petrol while Nicole go in the station store to buy something to eat , the guy in charge of the station see Nicole body and her nipples showing from the top of her dress he get turned on and attack her like a wild wolf Jessica hears the Nicole screaming "HELP!" and run to the rescue and she see this guy on top of her friend kissing her madly and Jessica think in her head 'he's cute' then she remember the remote then she take a photo of him in press "TG" suddenly the guy stops and fell dizzy then he see him self fatly loosing muscles and some tingling on his chest then his chest starts to grow larger and larger shredding his shirt to pieces then he become shorter he lost almost five inches during this transformation Nicole steps up on her feet and spits on the guy (sorry girl) and say : now you should fell what's being a girl Jessica and Nicole runs away from the store taking the car and hammering their way to LA.
Finally they arrive to LA and head to Nicole Uncle restaurant in Long Beach ,they enter the restaurant turning all head of everyone .
Nicole: Hi Uncle Sam are you alright
Sam: Yes I am ... Oh! you've grown so mush since last time I saw you were puny ands skinny like a rail
Nicole: Well uncle I had a growth spurt taking me from a shapeless breast less girl to a hot bombshell
Sam: And how's your friend
Nicole: This is Jess my BF and this is the girl I was taking about in the phone last week
Sam: Yes hi Jess
Jessica: Hi Mr. Patrice
Sam: Just call me Sam
Nicole: When we're going to start
Sam: Tomorrow but now I'm gonad let you two enjoy the beach put your bikini on and go have fun
  Nicole and Jessica enter the girl's bathroom and change into their new bikini which they bought from a store in Beverly hills the bikini was a little bit tight specially for Jessica the top was just covering her nipples but they went out running toward the beach they choose a great spot watching what look like a 15 years old girl playing Volleyball suddenly the ball hits some girl (they look like around 21 years old) sitting near them one of them stand with the ball in her hand screaming "How did this" then one of the 15 years old girl says "Sorry were just playing" so the girl take the ball and blow it up the 15 years old girl crying " you're gonad pay for this" the girl respond "you ha you're so scrawny even for your age you don' even have these baby's BITCH" and point toward to her DD round boobs , Jessica sees that and remember her self and what happened to her when she was 15 and all of the girl bulling her cause she was small and say to Nicole" I'm going to do something" then take a photo of the 15 years old girl and the 21 years old girl and press "transfer" the first second, nothing happened. And then, just like that, both of them squealed. the 21 years old girl looked at her boobs. They were shrinking, almost as if they were flowing back into her. Within a few second, the previously overtaxed bikini top fit perfectly, but it was just for an instant - a moment later it started to hang lose on her, the previously over-brimming cups now becoming emptier with each heartbeat. The rest of her curves were also slowly disappearing, her hips narrowing, which made her waist become less pronounced. And her perfectly formed, pert ass deflated even faster than her breasts. Her bikini bottom started slipping to the ground, having nothing to hang on to. Finally, her breasts disappeared completely - she had gone from a voluptuous wonder of nature to a willowy figure with the curves of a 12 year old. She had the 15 years old girl curves - or lack thereof - in a taller body, which made her look like a rail. At best.
But while the 21 years old girl transformation was tragic, the 15 years old girl redefined spectacular. With a few seconds, where there had been no breasts, clear mounds had become visible. Her hips slowly flared, her buttocks becoming the crowning point of legs that belonged in a lifelong dancer. And her breasts kept growing. Her waist dipped dramatically towards her flat, well-defined tummy. And still her breast grew. At some point it was clear that the bikini top they had provided her with was simply not going to be up to the task. the 15 years old girl looked pained for an instant, but her expression turned to relief when the top simply threw in the towel and sipped open, her magnificent new breasts exploding into the world. And they kept growing. It was a moment later that her bottom followed the top, having also been tested to the point of failure.
When it was all over, the two girls stood in front of each other. The formerly voluptuous 21 years old girl now an ultra-skinny creature, five and a half feet tall. And the 15 years old girl now slightly under five feet tall spectacular tribute to curves, positively glowing in all her naked glory and not making even a hint of an effort at covering herself, almost gloating in her newly obtained sexiness. then suddenly the 15 years old girl starts to grow taller and taller while the 21 years old girl was shrinking it look like the 15 years old girl was draining the height from the other girl at the end of the transformation process they look at each other then the 15 years old girl said" How's the bitch now bitch" the 21 years old girl run naked toward a near by house crying while the 15 years old girl poked up the other girl bikini to cover her now model body and continue playing.
Nicole: Are you nut how could you do something like that!
Jessica: Nothing but that girl remained me of myself and she had me vengeance from all of the bullies
  While Nicole and Jessica were taking a guy came to them and say "Sorry I couldn't take my eyes of you two but can I take you for a drink or something the girl's say "both of us" the guy respond "yes" the girl put their clothes on and go with the guy then Jessica whisper in Nicole ear "This is Veronica" Nicole responding while giggling "Really" Jessica says "Yes" they enter a bar and have some drinks what the two girls didn't know that Jack was seeing all what happen across the other side of the bar watching them laughing and giggling while Jack was keeping the guys hands of his DDD enormous tits and refusing their invitation for going to the dance floor it was a funny scene the once muscular guy who all the girl's never refuse him now refusing all of this guys then he sees Veronica and the two girls stepping out of the bar and taking a Taxi Jack follow them running put slowly cause he's not used to run with the enormous boob flesh on his chest and get in his car following the Taxi the Taxi stopped in a near by Hotel , Jack follow the three to the hotel sweet then enter the room and close's the door behind him Jessica and Nicole were trapped then Jack says in his feminize voice "I saw what you did to the girl in the beach and I know that you did this to us and to both of you" then Veronica steps in the situation and says" This was a plan from me and Jack now bring us back to normal or...."
Jessica: Or what..
Veronica: Don't you realize that I'm now stronger than the both of you and I can crush you with my bare hands now give us that thing and bring us back to normal.
Nicole: What are we going to do now
Jessica : Were gonad transformer them back .
  Veronica and Jack jumps in happiness the Jessica take a photo of Veronica and Jack and tell Nicole to close her eyes suddenly a flashing light come out of the remote to Veronica and Jack's eyes then the light show stopped then Veronica says
Veronica: What happened to us and why we are here and who is this girl hugging me
Jessica: Your name is Jack and you was the captain of the football team in Chicago and this is your girlfriend Veronica...
Jack: My name is Veronica ? that's a nice name
Jessica: Yes you are and you were in the cheer leading team also in Chicago
Jack: And what are we doing here
Jessica: You are in LA for your vacation
Veronica: And who you are?
Jessica: were just friends came by to say hello
Veronica: now I remember
  Then Jessica and Nicole steps out of the room then Nicole says to "Jessica what have you done?" Jessica "Nothing I just erased their transformation memory and switched their memory Nicole says "You are a genius" Jessica respond "Yes I know put now lets take a rest we have a big day tomorrow.
  The Next day Nicole and Jessica had putted on their uniform which for Jessica was small because her 36D was taking the biggest part of the uniform then they enter the restaurant with all eyes staring at them put only one of them was looking differently to Jessica he set in his place from the morning till the restaurant closing time at 11PM so Jessica approaches this guy and tell him "Please sir are you finished because were closing" the guy stand and yes he was tall in a 6'6" he was absolutely tall and well built and with a slow voice "I was staring all this day at the most beautiful woman I ever saw and I want to ask her out for dinner" and Jessica responded "and do you like this girl" the guy say" if I had a chance I will give her my life" Jessica laughing and saying "well me name is Jessica and you?" he respond" You can call me Martin , so can I take you for a dinner ?"
Jessica: Well tomorrow at 8PM in this restaurant Deal?
Martin: Deal
  The next day they met love was in the air Jessica had her first date and it was like she imagined and her eyes were showing it she was clearly in love at the end of the date Martin drives Jessica to her house and like all the dates end he kisses her Jessica's first kiss was phenomenal she walked to her door dreaming of what could happened in the future of this relationship put she's interrupted by some noise coming from upstairs she opens the door in a hurry and rushes too the second floor she see's a green light from her room she open the door and see what appears to be some aliens searching her room

To Be Continued...

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