Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Freakin' Deviant Art


I made this song Like Family Guy Freaking FCC one to Just Tell How I think About the people who banned me from Deviantart...

The Freaking Deviant Art by Amel 1995
Deviant art Guy: A captioning Profile!!!, Amel That's it I asked you to stop it and you didn't listen to me, I'm sorry but you left me no other choice I called the Deviant Art Administration.
Amel: Oh Yeah I know All about Deviant art
They Will Clean up all you Art in a manner such as this.
They will make you take a tinkle when you wanna take a piss.
They will make you call captioning a freaky piece of shit.
It's the plain situation there is no negotiations with the fellas at the freaking Deviant art.
Their as tight about their site As the Military groups.
Make a caption abut The Great Shift and they order in the troops.
Any Baby with a brain could tell them everybody fucks.
Take a tip Take a lesson you never win by messin' with the fellas at the freaking Deviant art.
And if you body swap with some young sexy dame.
You're gona have to get fucked by a dingaling "Cause you can't say Penis"
So they sent this little warning their prepared to do their worse.
And they deleted all your captions hoping you could stop it first.
I could think of quite another place they should've stuck it first.
They might just be neurotic but possibly psychotic their the fellas at the Freaking Deeeeviaaaaaaant Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart.
Deviant art Guy: You Are now permanently banned from Deviant art you are unable to submit any other art or comment on this site and you can't open any other accounts because they will be closed immediately.
Amel: Well I just have two words for ya' SUCK IT!!!

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