Saturday, September 14, 2013

State Of Captions : My Birthday

Amel1995: State Of Captions
Hey Everyone,
It’s Amel with A new segment on this blog beside the captions and some funny jokes and celebrity head swap , there will be this ”State Of Caption” to inform you on developments according me or the blog.
Today is Friday, September 13 and beside some people consider this day the most unlucky day of all times (you know being Friday 13/09/2013) , it’s a special day for me IT’S MY BIRTHDAY yes I was born on a rainy day Wednesday, September 13 1995 And now (You do the math) I’m 18 (The legal age in Algeria) ,It’s a special day for me as I welcome myself to being a grown-up ,And I like to share this occasion with you , I don’t think many people will see this because this blog is not as famous as my Deviant art page which those bastards banned me from the site for ever “ I can’t even open another account even with a different E-Mail” But for those few people who discovered me I say thank you , You given me my favourite birthday gift ever people who listen to me and who are like me and love me even with this freaky side of me.
                                                                       Thank You


  1. Well Happy Birthday!! I really like your captions. Thank you for making them. Cheers :)

  2. Happy Birthday Amel! Always loved your captions and happy to continue following them.


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