Friday, June 12, 2015

Paige Turner Pt.8

This is the last part of my series "Paige Turner" I know some of you are not wrestling fans and even hav no idea who's these people are, but might enjoy the story and that's all I wanted, this series was more for me than for the blog because I was starting to feel like I lost my touch writing Captions and doing Head Swaps so I did both in a Series to see what I can do, and I chose something that I'm a big fan of which is wrestling since I know so much about it, and it turned out well, I got that fire to write longer captions back, and hopefully I write more captions later (not wrestling I will keep things balanced) Have fun...            
-There seems to be a problem with posting I wanted this to be posted tommorow and it posted before Part 6 soryy for the inconvinience


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